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The IDTR Kerala has been established by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highway under 11th Five Year Plan as a Road Safety Initiative. In Kerala this is an autonomous institute managed Kerala MVD. IDTR promotes road safety with focus on training of drivers. Driver training develops right attitude towards healthy driving habits which will bring down the accident rate in the country. Training will be conducted by well experienced instructors to impart practical, systematic, and scientific driver training


To set a benchmark in driver training to provide our trainees with learning opportunities that will enhance their driving skills and awareness towards road safety.

We strive to become a world class institute by: -

  • Establishing quality objectives taking into consideration customer requirements and company’s future, monitoring the objectives against the targets set and taking necessary actions.
  • Making continuous improvement in all road safety activities.
  • To develop a commercial vehicle driver training institution of international repute.
  • To train multi-skilled, technically proficient, highly motivated, safety-conscious, future-ready drivers.

Achieve highest quality & standards in professional driving practices through state-of-the-art training programs for drivers.

Ensure dissemination of information, techniques and skills to help drivers become safe, confident, responsible and happy.

Engage human resources, systems & technology to deliver professional driving solutions and thereby provide value to our customers & stakeholders.



  • Establish and improve training processes that can produce highly reputed professional drivers for the commercial vehicle industry.
  • Highest training standards to promote safe driving.
  • Learner-friendly environment that meets the needs of each trainee's learning style
  • Customer-centric and business-centric approach in training drivers.
  • Provide quality training programs with commitment and integrity.
  • Reward trainees for meritorious learning and performance.
  • Ensure safe & healthy learning environment, equipment and infrastructure.
  • Training at IDTRS is conducted by well trained and experienced full time driver instructors under strict supervision of dedicated Joint Director. The most advanced scientific methods are followed to impart instructions.
  • The training at IDTRS is focussed on understanding traffic regulations and safe driving habits.
  • The endeavour is to improve personal skills and provide well trained manpower for the road transport industry. This includes drivers to be soon entrusted with public transport duties, where lives of large groups of people travelling in buses is at stake.
  • The institute shall also strive to provide quality training to rural youth with a view to provide them employment opportunity as skilled drivers.
  • The institute shall also take up training of women cab drivers through exclusive courses.
  • We also extensively cover the existing drivers by conducting refresher courses.
  • The training for the drivers of Hazardous goods carrier vehicles is also being conducted as a much specialised area.
  • Many OE manufacturers are deputing their design engineers as well the testing engineers to get the benefit of expertise and infrastructure available here, so that those trained can better understand the need and reality, by co-relating various Indian and International standards.


  • To conduct training course for trainers or driver instructors.
  •  To conduct driving training course for LMV driving for public.
  •  To conduct driving training course for HMV driving for public.
  •  To conduct refresher training course for drivers who are in service.
  •  To conduct training course for drivers of vehicles carrying hazardous and dangerous goods.
  •  To conduct periodic training and evaluation of drivers of State transport Undertakings.
  •  To assist RTO officials in using IDTS to assess aspiring drivers.
  •  To arrange road safety awareness camps for school bus drivers and students.
  •  To carry out accident investigation in state and suggest accident prevention measures.
  •  To assist MORTH in implementing various schemes related to road safety.
  •  To act as link under CSR between corporates and needy youth to enhance skill and help in getting employment.
  •  LMV driving training programme as per CMVR (25 sessions)
  •  HMV driving training programme as per CMVR (30 sessions)
  •  One hour practice session on test track
  •  Refresher training for drivers who are in service.
  •  Refresher Training for School bus drivers.
  •  45 days residential HMV driving course.
  •  10 days hands on training for LMV and HMV.
  •  Training course for trainers.
  •  Residential training for drivers with spouse.
  •  One day Fuel Efficiency training to HMV drivers who are appearing for PDL test. (This training is conforming to PCRA recommendations and Maharashtra state has authorised to issue Form 5A to the successful participants under the notification of Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, New Delhi dated 15th May 2018).


Chairman - Sri K B Ganesh Kumar - Transport Minister Kerala. Members - Transport Secretary, Finance Secretary, Transport Commissioner, Addl Transport Commissioner, Ksrtc CMD, Director Natpac, IG Traffic, Addl Transport Commissioner, Joint Transoprt Commissioner ,Sr Dtc Tax, DTC CZ I

Sri K B Ganeshkumar
Sri K B Ganeshkumar
Minister of Transport, Government of Kerala - CHAIRMAN IDTR KERALA


Chairman - Transport Commissioner - Sri S Sreejith IPS ADGP & Transport Commissioner Members - Ksrtc CMD, Director Natpac, IG Traffic, Addl Transport Commissioner, Joint Transoprt Commissioner ,Sr Dtc Tax, DTC CZ I

S Sreejith IPS ADGP.
S Sreejith IPS ADGP.
Transport Commissioner - DIRECTOR IDTR KERALA